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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 2

Vegas day 2

I don't really know how to explain interbike except that it's just like any other tradeshow but better. I think I found the product of the show, well it excited me the
most. A new power meter that should be coming out soon, it has strain guages in speedplay pedals. It has the same accuracy as a powertap , all for $1,000. I think this has huge potential.

I was walking Around and stopped to check out the SRM booth and I heard my name and see a friend and highschool racing buddy Mike Hall. I found a wheel SET that weighed in at 650 or 680 grams total. Curtis spotted landis so I got a poster signed, wether he cheated or not he used to be fast. Then the best news of the day, Dave Zabriski was over at the garmin booth. I got him to sign my I phone. CVV was there as well but the z-man is my hero, and that made the trip worth it for me, yeah sounds gay but I don't care. Then I headed over to the shimano di2 clinic to learn something. I did if you go to interbike go to the clinics, they gave away a full Di2 group.

Well the night is young and I'm headed to help jared at the UCI crossrace.

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