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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Going to Vegas!

Just booked my airfair to Vegas for interbike.. Should be a good time. Jared from Haymarket Bikes got me a ticket and hotel room, I hope don't have to put out.. I've been wanting to go since I started working at my first bike shop when I was 14. I'll try and do a daily blog and upload pics if i can figure out how to so it from my phone.


  1. Very cool. One of my consulting clients is producing a conference in the same hotel (Mandalay Bay) running earlier in the week. We've found hotel rooms in the Luxor across the street for as low as $59/night - worth checking out if yours are more expensive (or Jared surprises you with a gift of sexy pajamas).

  2. if he tells you that sleeping with a ball strapped in your mouth aids in recovery....