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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nice to be on a team.

So, I had a good time at Vint Hill. Got to watch Joe do a warm up ride and solo the 3/4 race with Andrew taking 2nd. Chip won the masters race, in a solo break?????? I guess he forgot he is a sprinter.

After paying my $5 to race ,thanks MABRA, I lined up with the team. The plan was to go from the gun and try to set up a break. Then some of our guys would bridge. Check. After we got an good gap from the field with two HH cycling guys, Joe somehow bridges across, it must have been a hard effort. After that I kept letting gaps open with Steve and Joe in 3 or 4 rider groups but it kept coming back together. After several laps of that, Steve attacked and stayed off the front for around a lap or so. Then Evan countered as soon as we made contact with Steve. It was my turn so I jumped onto Evans wheel and let him pull me for the last 3rd of the race. I knew I had two strong as hell guys behind me and was hoping one of them would bridge up or at least Evan would get tired. Well, Evan never got tired and attacked on the little hill before the finish, taking the win. Steve ended up trying to bridge and rolled through in 3rd, Jared 5th, Joe 8th. I won a prime of 2 pairs of Gam Jam socks. One pair is XL and the other womans small.

I now know who Evan is and will not ask him if he was a cat 3 last year again.. Its not my fault I don't know anyone in the 1/2/3 field. Hell this time last year I was still doing 4/5 races. I know the names of these people just not their faces, yet.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Raw Talent Ranch

Thanks to Jay for housing us at the Raw Talent Ranch. If you have not had the pleasure of making out the the barn I highly recommend. The riding is amazing and you do not have to worry about knowing the roads, the place comes with a tour guide.

Friday was a great ride and the final climb up to the barn on the dirt road was a killer. Not only was it extremely steep it was muddy, every time I would hit a soft spot I noticed my tire tripling in size and the bike doubling in weight.

Saturday was not that long as far a miles go but the climbing destroyed me. The last climb of the day I found myself hanging onto the team car for about a minute after I just could not turn the pedal over anymore. Then I finish the climb out with some other fat friends ( you know who your are).

The descent was my favorite part about the trip. There was a bit of gravel on the corner but other than that very fast.

More photos of the team at camp.