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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Make It Stop

So I’ve barely been riding due to a saddle sore but still managed a win at deep blue, granted I only had to beat 3 other people. I did end up with the second best time of the day. It was a pain in the ass (or taint )all around, I spent 5 hours in the car over $20 in tolls and about $30 in gas plus the $26 entrée fee to race for 23 minutes but I guess it was worth it to lock up a podium spot for the BAR. I haven’t lost a TT event yet ( I have lost TTs in stage races) which makes it almost feel less fun. I feel like a dick thinking that all I have to do is not have a mechanical and I’ll win. Next year will be different though, I’ll have to fight for placing which will make it feel nice when I do win (If I win). Deep blue put me 3rd in USA cycling’s ranking for the country so now I might try and do one more TT to see if I can’t work my way up to 1st. I don’t think you get anything from USA cycling but it might be cool to put on my race resume. Well I get to remember what not winning feels like this weekend at turkey day. Not that I’m not going to try just don’t think I have much of a shot. If I do some how win, it will also give me the cat 3 bar. If I finish 2nd or lower I’ll still have my 3rd place.

The rest of the weekend was nice, I got to meet some of my future teammates. Then I just relaxed with the girlfriend and her family which was a nice break from running around racing. I am Looking forward to the off season.

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  1. Yeah I wonder how it would be to just show up and win easily if I did not have a mechanical. Yep your a douche. haha I am just jealous.