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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One step closer

I took my Level 3 coaching test last night and now earn the right to spend more money with USA cycling. I don't know if I will want to take on clients now but since you have to be a level 2 for 5 years before you can get your level 1, I decided to get a start on this whole process. I mainly decided to get my license so I can learn more and I think with things I have learned from George Opria and Bill Gross, I would make an OK coach. I know I'm still really new to cycling but I must be doing something right. I just have to learn how to race, which is another reason I am making the switch to Haymarket. Not that the guys on Evo cant race, just i don't get to race with them.

Last year working with George my base went from averaging 175 watts for 2 hours to averaging 240 for over 4 hours at the same heart rate (70% max). This year I will be doing the same winter training but will be doing more interval work come spring. I think my threshold went from right around 300 to over 340. With a racing weight of under 145 its should be a decent power to weight for next year. I just have to work on coping with surges.

Well should have my license around the 1st of the year after all the background checks and other expensive things.

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