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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where are all the turkeys?

Well the last Circuit race of the season is finally over. I felt surprisingly good for barely riding my bike over the past couple of weeks, just not good enough to win. I did the 3 / 4 race and it seemed like the easiest race I’ve ever done, time just flew by, I could hold my position and I even had fun taking a prime. On the first prime lap I bridged to a small group of about 5 or so, an NCVC rider attacked the break. It took me about 10 seconds to remember there was a prime. He had a good distance on us but I thought I could grab it. I started winding up and kept seeing him looking back, I passed him just as he was running out of gas and I was just hitting full speed with about 5 feet to the line. I got cussed at but it was worth it, no turkey this year just $10. I guess there was some screw up with the turkey order this year so there were no turkeys in sight.

So the BAR doesn’t change, Win 1st, Steve 2nd and myself 3rd. I’m not too upset since I knew it was a small chance of me winning Turkey Day and it wasn’t a goal of mine until a month ago. It would have been nice but its also pretty bad ass that Win and Steve held there placing even without racing in the 3’s over the past couple of months. I’m just going to ask that they add more Time Trials to the BAR for next year. I’m also pretty nervous about wearing the MABRA jersey in the first 1/2 crit next year. Back to being a nobody for next season, at least for a little while. I think my overall goal for next year was to gain acceptance in the elite field.

I think all the sprint points on the Haymarket ride have helped me with tactics of winning the sprint, not saying I’m out winning sprints, just that I know the theory. It would be nice to be a pure sprinter in this area but I’ve learned how to win sprints my way. If you seen me sprint I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, who else has a seated sprint? If you can ever make it out on a Wednesday night, it’s a blast. It’s not a huge group like the Reston rides but the riders that do show are fast and when the pace picks up you don’t have a lot of room for recovery. Plus there is only one traffic light on the whole ride and that’s right when you are leaving the shop.

I think the team might start some buzz once everyone starts to announce that they are switching to Haymarket. Its going to be a nice well rounded team, the road racers seem willing to help the crit guys and vice versa. And I think I will be an all around work horse for the team next year, but I hope my time trialing puts me in GC contention in stage races since that will probably be how I get my point to be a 1.


  1. Yea, I think you are the only guy I know with a very effective seated sprint.

  2. Ryan,I got your back Teammate..Tim,DJ were gonna smack you guys around so bad next year your gonna start calling us daddy ha.