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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My seasons over...

I changed my mind about doing the TT in PA this weekend. It doesn’t look like it gives enough points for me to move up to first in the USA cycling rankings, I‘d move up to 2nd just for showing but for what. After seeing that the start time isn’t till noon I realized I didn’t want to waist a whole day to move up to second on some result that no one looks at. Plus I’m still getting to know the guys on my new team and they are having a team ride / BBQ that I would rather go to. I still don’t know if they have told there teams they are leaving yet so I won’t give out any names. But I’m super excited about having teammates next year. I was really envious of guys on The Bike Rack (not for there fashion) and even NCVC riders, for having teams. I really enjoy the tactics of racing but playing with only one card isn’t as much fun.

Already thinking about Valley of the Sun, it’s only 5 months away. I hope all this excitement helps me through my base training. I think I made it last year just out of ignorance but now I know how bad 4 hour rides on the trainer are and how bad 27 hour weeks can be. I hope I see gains over this winter like I did last year, I know they wont be as big but it would be nice. Last year I knew I had a bad base, my VO2 test even showed that I jumped right to zone 3. But after doing George Opria’s plan I went from riding base at 175 watts to around 240 or so. I don’t know my threshold power since I sold my power tap at the beginning of the season but I’m guessing from others I ride with its somewhere around 340 or so. I think it sounds realistic to hope for 20 watts but I probably won’t know since I have completely de-evolved as a cyclist, going from having 2 computers on my bike to none in one season. If I can get a good deal on an SRM I might go back to riding with power but they are so Fing expensive.

I think I had a good season, 2 championships and a bunch of W’s (mostly TTs). It seemed like there just weren’t that many breaks this year, it’s not for me not trying. I was probably off the front with Tim Rugg at least 10 times this year alone. Oh yeah I also picked up a MABRA champ GF haha. She makes breakfast and I clean the bikes, fair trade.

My 2009 results

Cat 3
Mabra I.T.T. Champion
Mabra Crit Champion
Currently Ranked 3rd in the Nation for Time trials

1st Church Creek Time Trial 1 (40k 54:45)
1st Church Creek Time Trial 2 (40k 53:37)
1st Deep Blue Time Trial (12 mile 23:40)
1st Hagerstown Challenge Criterium
1st Carlisle Time Trial (40k 52:47)
2nd Tour de Ephrata G.C.
2nd Tour de Ephrata Time Trial
6th Tour of Washington County G.C.
6th Tour of Washington County Criterium
6th Tour of Washington County Time Trial (flat tire)

Cat 4
3rd Mount Joy Road Race
2nd Jeff Cup Road Race
1st Farmersville Road Race

6 days till Vegas


  1. Sucks about the TT but glad your coming to the ride and BBQ.. You bringing your little blonde headed champ with you?

  2. Think you could give me some base pointers? My season starts in February, since I'm racing in collegiate - so I need to get started soon.

  3. That's really cool Tim your racing that,you should kick a lot of ass.. Ryan def is the man to help you with that