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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Vegas blog day 1

The trip started out pretty boring till a United "crew" member pissed me off. I'm in Denver waiting on my conecting flight and I had a question about the flight, so I walk up to the service counter and wait for the 2 women to finish there very important about there personal lives. The one woman looks at me as to take my question, she waits till I'm finished then proceeds to gesture up and down to show me what she is wearing , a little badge that says "crew". So I proceed to tell her I don't know what that means. Here is a great way to deal with customers, if you don't want to talk to the person just turn around and walk away.

Met up with some of the guys from haymarket and shared a cab over to there place. They wanted to take a nap so I walked about a mile to my hotel to check in, a nice 4 star marriott.

After We walked 137 miles we met up with Jared and I proceeded to get drunk and lose a $100 at blackjack.

All in all the first day in Vegas was good. I stayed up for 41 hours ( if you don't count the nap on the plane) , went 14 hours without eating and ddnt get any fingeres cut off. Interbike starts tomorrow so a little less shananagans but just as much walking.

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