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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let the fun begin.

I officially started training for next season, yesterday. Damn, cycling has made me weak. I was doing push ups and first set was 20, 15, 2.. I used to do 500 a day, with sets of 50. Well here is what my winter will look like. I don’t mind sharing since most people don’t like to do 4 ½ hour rides on stationary bikes. I’m up to my pre base weight of 155. Last year I lost 13lbs even with eating as much as I could find so I like to get a little fat before the fun starts.

Oct 12th lift 2 days (high reps)
Oct 19th lift 3 days (high reps)
Oct 26th lift 3 days (medium reps)
Nov 2nd 12 hours of base + 2 days lifting
Nov 9th 15 hours of base + 2 days lifting
Nov 16th 18 hours of base + 1 day lifting
Nov 23rd 9 hours of base
Nov 30th 21 hours of base
Dec 7th 24 hours of base
Dec 14th 27+ hours of base

All work and no play makes ryan fast on a TT bike.


  1. You're getting really fat for a flying midget... just saying.

    Oh, and I'm copying your plan just as soon as I'm 100%. Thanks Coach Simpson.

  2. how does everyone know i'm getting fat?

  3. Ryan - are those base numbers your cumulative hours of base? For example, by Dec 27 you have 27 hours of base in for your 2010 training season, which looks like it started on October 12th lifting weights? Hans Schenk

  4. Dude...lazy lazy boy. Write more blogs to entertain me while I procrastinate at work...

  5. A little late answering the questions but no that’s weekly hours. So 4 1/2 hours a day for 6 days on the last week.