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Monday, June 29, 2009

Earning my wings

This weekend I had my tires off the ground more than one should as a road racer. Poolesville went as most road races have gone for me this year; I was in the break of the day but that’s about it. After playing at the front of the field with Lance (Bike Rack) I attacked hoping he would follow but he just let me go. After learning my lessons this year on how to get a break to form, I didn’t go all out. I just went hard enough to hang off the front in close bridging distance. Well it worked; I was soon joined by a rider from The Bike Lane (Kyle, I think) and someone from Kelly Ben.. I got word from two separate marshals that we had 20 seconds on a hard chasing pack. I like to hear that we are holding on a chasing pack, it means that we just have to out last the few riders doing the work then they will usually give up after a while when no one else is helping. Kelly guy and myself where working well together, I think it always feels like you are doing more than the other guy so I can’t say for sure but I think I was spending a little more time up front. Feeling confident in the current break I was happy to commit myself to it 100% hope that maybe 1 or 2 others would bridge up after the chase slowed a bit. I overheard The Bike Lane guy getting told he needs to do some work. After he did one more pull he was off the back, not his day I guess. Going into the dirt I remember yelling up to the guy “take it easy, on the inside. Then drill it”, well he didn’t seem to listen because he went wide and right into the woods. I slowed for a second but the pack was getting very close at this point so I just got back on the gas. Well I opened up another gap and was holding it well when Tim (Bike Rack) comes rolling up with the field. I guess he tried to bridge but they wouldn’t let him go.
Tim and I just kept the pace up for the rest of the lap and we kept opening little gaps off the front but nothing serious. I wasn’t feeling it any more after committing myself to the first break, I think it was just more mental than anything. My leg felt fine and Tim had mentioned that he was getting the little twinges in his legs so I gave him my magic powder (BC powder). The stuff works great for cramps and pussy leg syndrome. I had missed my feed on the 3rd lap and was out of water, I started cramping on the 4th lap and didn’t want to push it since I was racing Reston the next day so I just pulled myself at the feed zone and grabbed my bottle. 2 hours was enough for me today I though, I’ll just kill it tomorrow.
When I showed up to register at Reston people kept asking me if I was doing the 3/4 race, then would seem upset when I said yes. I don’t know why, I haven’t won shit this season. I could understand if I was Steve Wahl and I was taking every sprint but I’m not. This season has been me going in brakes, lasting a little bit then having a crap placing or getting crashed out or me flatting.
I planned on going out hard from the gun at the race and told several people what I was going to do so that they would attack as I was done drilling it, hopefully with a teammate. So after lining up at the start I was one of the riders to get a call up, don’t know why but I did and I’m not complaining. As soon as the whistle goes I’m gone and have a gap by the first turn. The hole race a was super aggressive and I was feeling really good, I didn’t care if I was off the front or on it I just kept on the gas. It was nice to be able to keep the field strung out like that and I was just thinking how good this will be for my TTing. After going back into the pack for some recovery laps my teammate Ray shows up all of a sudden and I feel I can finally take a break. After recovering a little I started moving back up the field for the last 5 or 6 laps. I was holding good position around 10th wheel or so and felt really good with 2 to go when on turn 5 the shit hit the fan. 540’s sprinter ( I’m bad with names sorry) rolls his front tire and takes out probably 10 guys. I was right behind Lance Lacy and performed my “flying midget” trick. I flew thru the air landed on the grass and then somehow Lance lands on me. The EMTs come running over to the sound of 5 or 6 guys all howling. It was crazy we had all just started cramping. I’m not sure but I don’t think anyone was seriously hurt in that crash, pretty lucky actually since we where hauling ass for the final laps. And I’m just glad I don’t have any road rash. Lance ended up buy me lunch later for being his landing pad so thanks Lance. And you know that the crash took out everyone that was going to win. It always feels that this is my day and I would have won it when you get crashed out. If you are oen of the guys that crashed out don’t lie you know you where thinking the same thing.

I’m finally feeling like I’m riding well in the 3’s and that I belong. I don’t like being pack filler. Everyone is at some point but I’m just glad its not me, I like having an impact on a race and thinking that if I wasn’t there it would have been a different race. Plus right now I’m just trying to get noticed I guess. I’m starting to hear my name around a little, I just hope its for good reasons and not bad.

To end this I was wondering what you guy’s / gals think about the course? Is turn 5 to dangerous?

Being from the host team I was just wondering.

I personally like the course the way it is. Yeah turn 5 is a hard one but its not the worst corner around and its not like you don’t know it going into it.


  1. I personally liked the course. it was a lot of fun.
    540 Spinter

  2. Thanks for the post-race coke. Carpool to Nebo?